Key to The Cure: Lindsay Lohan and Other New Friends!

Our quest to promote fencing and help out with charities has truly been

fun and wild.  I keep thinking that this week will be the week when I stop having something totally surreal happen, but the streak continues.  Last week, we got to attend the Bowlmore Lanes 70th Anniversary party and my teammate Jason and I walked the red carpet, got a million pictures taken of us for all these celebrity sites and then we got to bowl with Michael Phelps and others.  Phelps also did get a higher score than me in a competition he didn’t know he was competing in. (Darn it!)  The owner and staff were totally amazing at Bowlmore and we got to meet some fantastic people and make new friends. 


This week, we attended a few parties for InTouch, Women’s sports Foundation as well as the 10th Anniversary party for the Key to the Cure to Breast Cancer that’s hosted by Saks 5th Ave.  We actually ended up walking the red carpet with Lindsay Lohan and got to hang out with her for a bit.  She is totally nice and sweet!  The thing that really strikes me is just how many people want to help others, and the people we encounter at these events all support multiple charities and causes.    –Tim


Amazing thanks to Steve from Saks, Rembrandt, Thomas, Joey, Brett and all the folks we met this past week!


With Lindsey Lohan at Key To The Cure Event

With Lindsey Lohan at Key To The Cure Event

 Jane Krakowski from 30 Rock

Fencing teammates and Friends at the Women's Sports Foundation party

Fencing teammates and Friends at the Women

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