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Daily Archives: September 12, 2009

Andrew Fischl New Compilation Video: Pillet and Decsi Slow Attack Video

Hello everyone! It’s Andrew Fischl again and I have completed my newest compilation video. This one features the attacks of Julien Pillet of France and Tamas Decsi of Hungary. They use an attack that is typical of a lot of…

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Fencer’s Schneider and Morehouse Visit Schneider’s Children Hospital

This was a great little news piece about Daria Schneider and me visiting some sick children out on Long Island yesterday at Schneider’s Children Hospital. It was a very humbling and inspiring morning with the kids.  Hope they enjoyed our…

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NY Post Mentions Morehouse, Snowdon-Jones and Dawson’s Night of 25 Events during Fashion Night Out

The NY Post has a great mention today on our Fashion Night Out adventure. Enjoy!

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Fashion Night Out: My 25 Events “Experience”

I was born and raised in New York City, but fashion week was always something I just viewed afar.    Not anymore! Last night was Fashion Week’s Fashion Night Out and with friends Emma Snowdon-Jones and Courtney Dawson I ventured out to…

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