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Daily Archives: March 8, 2010

My “One Thing At a Time” Challenge For Myself This Week! Join Me?

Not long ago, I decided to try to keep my brain focused on one thing at a time and to see how long I could keep that up… I started my little game by washing the dishes and promised myself I wouldn’t…

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Music Video with Fencing from the band Sultan

Here is a music video from the band Sultan for a song called, “What made Milwaukee Famous.” The whole video is based around fencing! Cool stuff! Wonder the inspiration for this video was? Thanks to Chris Clarke for passing this…

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Enjoying Some Fencing at The Arnold Sports Classic…

Had a great visit to Columbus, Ohio…on my way home to NYC now.  Tunis World Cup in 2-weeks!  Time to get back to business!

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Schwarzenegger at Fencing Event: “You’ll Have to Teach Me To Fence Since I only know how to wield an 11lb steel sword!”

Columbus, Ohio — The final day of the Arnold Classic Fencing included a visit by Governor Schwarzenegger who addressed a crowd of roughly 500 people at the fencing tournament.  He praised fencing as a great sport, helped to referee a demonstration…

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