Fencing Masters Promotional Tour hits Washington Square Park and the “Get Your Wellness On” Fair!

It was a great day out at Washington Square Park as the sport of fencing joined the fray at the first annual “Get Your Wellness On” event to help promote healthy living.

Kathleen Reckling (our quarterback for the day), NCAA Champion Daria Schneider, Team USA member Kurt Getz and fencer’s Adam Rodney, Melvin Rodriguez, Audra (from Ardsley High School) along with Jody Auslund helped teach about 100+ people to fence and exposed about 1,000+ people to the sport who were walking through! (Go Team!)

Get Your Wellness On – a Suicide Prevention and Awareness Fair with “activities to promote physical and mental health and the awareness of suicide prevention. Organized by Esmeralda Williamson-Noble, a writer-activist and mother of a suicide victim; with the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, the National Alliance on Mental Illness.

Esmeralda: Thank you for including us!  You are truly an inspiration turning the passing of your son into a mission to help save others. And,  YOU ARE DOING IT!   We are humbled by your generosity and drive!

You can catch us next at Empire United Fencing Club http://empireunited.net/ on Sunday Sept. 19th (tomorrow!) to help promote Fencing Masters! Hope to see you there!

One Comment on “Fencing Masters Promotional Tour hits Washington Square Park and the “Get Your Wellness On” Fair!

  1. I love you! Thank you for everything, you helped make the day truly special and one that many will not forget.
    And one life was saved, someone on her way to…

    Love, love, love

    Esmeralda – Andrew’s Mummy

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