Hotel Horror Story: Women gets into bed soaked with Pee at a Sheraton Hotel!

My friend had a really wet surprise waiting for her when she got under the covers of her bed at the downtown Sheraton Hotel in Dallas, Texas last night.

As she relayed it to me, “I got into my bed and thought, ‘why does it feel cold in my bed when the room is warm?'”

When she got out of bed and peeled off the covers she discovered that her bed was soaked in urine from the previous guest!  Apparently, the maid had simply put covers over the wet bed!!! Ewwww…

I don’t think I’ve ever heard a nastier story!  The hotel was apologetic and gave her a night free, but really, that’s it for letting your guest sleep in urine?!?!?

Morale of the story: Check your bed (especially if you’re staying at a hotel) before getting into it!

Anyone else have any stories about hotel rooms that even come close to that?!?!

2 Comments on “Hotel Horror Story: Women gets into bed soaked with Pee at a Sheraton Hotel!

  1. My roomate and I were going on a cross state trip and had to stay at a Motel 6 in Phoenix. As soon as we shut the lights we saw giant, prehistoric sized roaches skittling around.

    Before leaving, we drew roaches in the lampshades as a joke. The joke was on us for when we reached the next destination, some stowaway roaches crawled out of our luggage.

  2. It’s gross, but don’t forget to check for bedbugs. It’s the first thing I do when I go in a hotel room. I sure don’t want to take those things home with me.

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