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Monthly Archives: February 2011

Uniform Project with Photographer Craig McDean

Just finished shooting with this amazing photographer, Craig McDean. He’s producing a book on various unique uniforms. Fencing will be one of them!

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Aldo Montano Interview at Milan Fashion Week

Fashion week is happening now in Milan and Olympic Champion Aldo Montano attended the John Richmond fashion show.   Montano is one of the faces of the brand and this is a short interview with him.  

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Basketball Coach Attacks Player and the most Awkward TV Appearance Ever!

THIS IS HORRIBLE! I can’t believe this guy! He knocks his own player to the floor and then kicks him while he is on the ground! Shame on the University also…until this video got out they hadn’t even disciplined the…

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Cool Fencing Video of the Day: New Fencing Video Game!

This game looks fun! Go fencing! Thanks to Melvin Rodriguez for sending this one along!  

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What TV Shows do Dogs Like Best?

Answer: Anything on the Food Network of course! (That, and The Daily Show) Here is Louie lounging and enjoying a little Guy Fieri! LOL

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Excited to be back Hosting the 81st Annual AAU Sullivan Awards!

The AAU Sullivan Award is one of the most prestigious awards an amateur athlete can win (think Oscars for amateur athletes) and it is held annually at the New York Athletic Club.   It has been won by the likes of Shawn Johnson,…

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Even the sandwiches think they are special in Italy…

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