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Daily Archives: January 4, 2012

BMW’s New Olympic Car Commercial with Fencing, Diving and Gymnastics!

Very cool! Love that BMW used fencing in their commercial! What do you think?

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Olympic Athlete Creativity: “The Fencer” Promo Campaign

French Olympic Fencer Brice Guyart has taken a creative path to help promote the sport of fencing.  Creating “The Fencer” a campaign that involves the masked “Fencer” living his life while wearing his fencing mask.  You can see the whole…

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USA Today Predicts Nicholas Limbach (GER) to win Gold in London 2012 in Men’s Saber

USA Today has there Olympic predictions online today for all sports for the London 2012 Games.    They have Nicolas Limbach of Germany winning Gold with Aldo Montano taking the Silver. They have me as the highest US Finisher in…

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