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Usain Bolt Stops Reporter from interviewing him during the USA National Anthem.

Just want to give some kudos to Usain Bolt for a classy move.   A reporter was trying to interview him when he US National anthem began playing and he quickly stopped the interview to pay his respects.

Athletes often get knocked for doing unsportsmanlike things so thought I’d just highlight an athlete being a great role model.   Cheers to you Usain!

This “Ice Ice Baby” Sochi Olympics Inspired School Cancellation Announcement is GREAT!

I wish my school principals had announced snow days this way!

This morning I appeared on ABC News to discuss the top viral stories of the 2014 Sochi Games. Of course, just when I got home, this gem from a school principal in North Carolina was just hitting the social media “airwaves” Enjoy!

Tim Morehouse on ABC News REAL BIZ

The “Jedi Master” of Columbia University Fencing.

Great article in the NY Times about how Columbia Fencing has become the #1 team in the country including that they have a “Jedi Master” on staff.

The “Jedi Master” they refer to is no other than Aladar Kogler of course! (pictured above) He has coached numerous Olympians throughout decades and employees a lot of different psychological methods to aid his students.

There are a lot of fun stories out there about him, but I’ll leave that to his former and current students to share.

Great Article on the team in the NY Times and Great Press for Fencing:


I Can’t Stop Watching this Profile of Peter Westbrook from 1984!

This is an amazing find from Coach Jason Sheridan. He posted it on Facebook and it is AWESOME. Love to look back at Peter from 1984 along with some other people like Steve Mormando, Don Anthony and the renown fencing coach Csaba Elthes.

The Fencers Club back in the day on 72nd street off Broadway in NYC. I remember going there when I was in middle school and high school towards the end of its run and it had become so dumpy.

Wow. Great stuff!

This is my wife’s Favorite Athlete from the Opening Ceremonies!

This is my wife's Favorite Athlete from the Opening Ceremonies!

He danced, he jumped and he entertained. By far one of the highlights of the parade of nations was the Venezuelan flag bearer. (After Team USA of course!)

Excited to watch the Games unfold!

Topless Putin Greets Visitors to Sochi. This is my favorite story out of the Olympics so far!

Topless Putin Greets Visitors to Sochi.   This is my favorite story out of the Olympics so far.

This is my favorite story out of the Olympics so far!  I would love to have one of these hanging in my room in Sochi actually.   It would really give me the full experience of an Olympics in Russia!

From the New Yorker:

SOCHI (The Borowitz Report)—With the Olympics underway, hundreds of visitors to Sochi are complaining that they checked into expensive hotel rooms only to find them decorated with seminude portraits of Russian President Vladimir Putin.


Is Russia Really Just Ahead Of Its Time When it Comes to Toilets? Watch this video and decide.

It is fascinating to watch the type of images coming back from the Sochi Olympics so far. By far, one of the best pictures and videos has been those of the double toilets.

So, what do you think? There has been plenty of time and talk spent on how BAD this is, so I thought I’d pose the opposite question:

Could you ever see anyone ACTUALLY wanting toilets like this? Are there any benefits to the double toilet system we haven’t thought about?

Olympians Go to Hollywood for the Golden Globes as “Gold Meets Golden”


The US Olympic team is coming to Hollywood!    I’m out in LA for an amazing event called “Gold Meets Golden” which brings together the Olympics and Hollywood stars at an event following the Golden Globes.    I’ll be sure to post a lot of pictures and excited an honored to be joining so many of my Olympic teammates to raise awareness for the upcoming Games in Sochi.   

Below is the press release from the US Olympic Committee on the event. 




Top Hollywood Celebrities to Host Olympic Legends on Sunday, Jan. 12, at NBC/Universal Golden Globes Party

(Jan. 10, 2014) – Hollywood has long been inspired by the Olympic sporting world and vice-versa, but rarely do these two worlds have the chance to mix and mingle.  On the eve of the 2014 Golden Globe Awards, Los Angeles will again welcome some of sports’ greatest names from across the world to celebrate this year’s Golden Globe Awards, and give a special send-off to the 2014 U.S. Olympic and Paralympic Teams, with competition beginning three weeks later in Sochi, Russia.  The 2014 event will continue to carry the torch initially lit by 2013 hosts Nicole Kidman, Keith Urban, Jon Bon Jovi, Stacy Keibler and Ryan Kavanaugh.

The second-annual “Gold Meets Golden” Globes Event will be hosted by a variety of Hollywood elite who are passionate about the Olympic and Paralympic Games, including Frank Marshall, Kathleen Kennedy, Ryan Kavanaugh, Bradley Cooper, Mark Wahlberg, Sofia Vergara, Adrien Brody, Chelsea Handler, Kerry Washington, Owen Wilson, and Hayden Panettiere (engaged to Ukrainian boxing Olympian Wladimir Klitschko).  Sports legends Magic Johnson and Arnold Schwarzenegger will round out the experience by hosting a table within the Globe Awards for a variety of winter and summer athletes. 

The Hollywood team will join forces with popular and legendary Olympians including gymnasts Mary Lou RettonNadia Comaneci, Bart Conner, Gabby Douglas, Carly PattersonNastia Liukin and Jake Dalton; figure skater Sasha Cohen; speedskaters Apolo Anton OhnoBonnie Blair and Dan Jansen;  track & field’sBruce Jenner, Jackie Joyner-Kersee, Alyson Felix, Carmelita JeterWill Claye and DeeDee Trotter; diverGreg Louganis; swimmers  Nathan Adrian, Rebecca Soni, Eric ShanteauJohn NaberJessica Hardy andSummer Sanders; water polo player Tony Azevedo; freestyle skier Nick Goepper; fencer Tim Morehouse; beach volleyball players Kerri Walsh Jennings, Misty May Treanor, April Ross and Jen Kessy; original ‘Dream Team’ basketball player Magic Johnson; and ice hockey player Caitlin Cahow (recently announced as a member of President Barack Obama’s Presidential Delegation for the Opening Ceremony of the Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games).  More Olympian and Paralympian names will be announced shortly.

Hollywood and the Olympic Games have had a long and successful history of intersection.  Popular films such asChariots of Fire, Cool Runnings, Miracle, Blades of Glory, Ali, International Velvet, The Cutting Edge and many more have all featured the Olympic Games as their backdrop.  A special tribute reel will feature content of these favorite silver screen scenes, combined with unforgettable Olympic moments.  

The event will be supported by a variety of companies that work with Hollywood and sponsor the U.S. Olympic Committee, including:

  • The Coca-Cola Company - The longest continuous partner of the Olympic Games since 1928, The Coca-Cola company will display a unique collection of Olympic memorabilia and – as the presenting sponsor of the Olympic Torch Relay – will also showcase Olympic Torches dating back to Barcelona 1992.  coca-cola.com/theolympics/
  • Procter & Gamble - The company behind everyday brands like Crest, Gillette and Pampers, P&G will feature its Sochi 2014 “Pick Them Back Up” chapter to the “Thank You, Mom” Campaign, recognizing that behind each Olympic athlete, there is a mom who helped get them there. youtube.com/proctergamble.
  • Hilton HHonors™ Hilton HHonors supports the U.S. Olympic Movement in a number of ways, including providing a good night’s sleep to top competitors and coaches who dream of winning gold. The company will provide accommodation at the event for several of the attending Olympians. http://www.hhonorssponsorships.com/usolympicpartnership/

Online Auction Benefitting Team USA

“Gold Meets Golden” will also launch a special online charity auction of various Hollywood experiences and rare Olympic memorabilia and adventures to benefit Team USA and the U.S. Olympic Committee (TeamUSA.org). Auction items available at online charity auction site Charitybuzz include four VIP tickets to exclusive parties to celebrate the Games alongside Olympic legends at Team USA Clubs in LA (Feb. 7) and Vail, Colo. (Feb. 15), official Team USA apparel, and a Cola-Cola snowboard to be signed by the party attendees.  The auction will launch Jan. 12 and will run through late January at charitybuzz.com/USOC.   

The special “Gold Meets Golden” occasion is developed and managed by CW3PR and will take place at the Beverly Hilton Rooftop, within the context of the annual Globes bash produced by NBC, Universal, Focus Features and E! Entertainment. 

For media credentials, please contact Ashley Patterson, CW3PR, media@cw3pr.com323-476-1050 ext. 1.

Olympian Tim Morehouse Commercial for Sean John

“I Am Sean John” National TV commercial featuring Olympic Silver Medalist Tim Morehouse

Performance Tip of the Week: Be a Good Coach To Yourself


Positive (or let’s say productive) self-talk is a really important part of succeeding in sports and in life. It might sound like a cheesy thing but how you “coach” yourself especially in pressure filled or tough situations is critical to success.

As an example, two phrases I often use to “coach” myself through tough situations when competing or just generally in life are “It Is what It Is” and “Focus on what you can Control Tim!” (you can obviously supplement your own name here if you ever want to use the second phrase! lol)

My natural inclination when something crappy happens is like anyones: I get upset! But how much I let that moment distract or “own” me can be the difference between victory and defeat or a good or bad performance.

Bad or unlucky things happen to EVERYONE. Your equipment might not arrive at the tournament. You might do well in your seeding matches but then draw a really tough opponent anyway and of course there will always be “bad” calls. You can pick any sport you want, we’ve all witnessed an athlete get upset at a bad call and then get taken way off his/her game even many plays later. This scenario happens outside of sports just as much!

“Why is this happening to me?!?!?!” is a pretty natural phrase to pop into your head at bad moments. This is a totally normal reaction but also why it is important to plan for these situations. As soon as I go “why is this happening to me!?!?!” I take a deep breath and call upon my inner “coach” and say “It is What it Is”. Which means to me, a bad thing just happened, there is nothing I can do to go back in time to change it, I just need to accept it and “Focus on what you can control Tim!”

Being able to rapidly accept unfortunate circumstances, especially those you can’t control, and often times they can be VERY unfortunate is what it takes to win in the long run. You can’t get caught up in the short term “losses” or pitfalls and let those compound into even greater defeat.

Being a productive “coach” to yourself is one great way to help yourself overcome challenges and to put yourself in the best possible mental state to win. There is no right or wrong way to do this but it does take setting the goal, practice and experimentation like anything else to get good at it.

Learning about yourself and finding the right triggers or buttons to push to keep yourself in a focused and productive state of mind is HUGE. They are the kind of internal mental victories that precede consistent external victory and quality performance on the field of play.

Be the best coach you can be to yourself if you want to succeed in the long term!

Here is a little question/exercise (feel free to post here or just do it for yourself)

–> Do you currently have some strategies for getting yourself focused or re-centered in a productive mental state when negative or distracting things happen? Yes/No. If Yes, what are they?

–> (this is a great activity) If no, try to identify some times when you get stuck or distracted by negative things happening and start to try to catch yourself (a big step here!) and then to proactively “coach” yourself out of those unproductive moods. And, write down phrases or things you say yourself that start to have an impact so you don’t forget them!


Tim Morehouse is an Olympic Silver Medalist in the Sport of Fencing, Founder of Fencing in the Schools the largest introductory fencing program in the country, performance coach and Author of American Fencer: Modern Lessons from an Ancient Sport.  www.timmorehouse.com

To Bring Tim to Speak at your company e-mail: tim@timmorehouse.com


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