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Pictures from European Fencing Championships 2010…

Andrew Baldini wins the Gold at European Championships! More Pictures can be found: http://www.actionplus.co.uk/cgi-bin/WebObjects/Actionplus.woa/wa/headline?name=2010_European_Fencing_Championships,_Leipzig_17th_July&utm_source=twitterfeed&utm_medium=twitter

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Fencing.Net: Fencing For The Blind in Italy

This is a cool story… From Fencing.Net: (By Craig Harkins) Friday, June 25th, was an historic day at the Concetto Lo Bello in Syracuse. Andrea Baldini (pictured, left) donned a blindfold and fenced epee with a practicioner of Italy’s newest…

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Fencings Best Duel for Honor and $30,000 in Prize Money in Singapore!

- German Olympian Ralf Bissdorf has been living in Singapore and working to grow fencing there and around the world.   At the Thailand world cup I attended, he shared with me that he’ll be launching a series of Masters…

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Cool Fencing Video of The Day: Andrea Baldini’s Television Commercial for Kappa

Another Italian fencer has a TV commercial.   Andrea Baldini for Kappa.  The Italians seem to be leading the way in terms of their athletes being known figures in their country’s culture and being utilized in advertising for products. Special Thanks…

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Italian Fencer Andrea Baldini’s Doping Suspension is Upheld

Craig Harkins at http://www.fencing.net posted this article: Andrea Baldini’s suspension from fencing was upheld today by the FIE Tribunal and the sentence of a 6 month suspension verified.  This means that Baldini’s suspension was actually concluded in February and he…

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