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Cool Fencing Video of the Day: Team USA Women’s Saber WINS the Bronze at World Championships 2012!

Ukraine Vs. USA to make Finals starts at about 3:15 USA Vs. Italy for Bronze starts about 6:00  

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Cool Fencing Picture of the Day: Mariel Zagunis on an envelope for her sponsor Frontier Communications!

Awesome! How fun! Please “like” my page on facebook! http://www.facebook.com/timmorehouseusa THANK YOU!

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Cool Fencing Video of the Day: Fencing Masters: Kick-Off to London!!!

Fencing Masters: Kick-Off to London “They’re Coming Home!”  Created by Mike Etropolski and Tim Morehouse. Super special thanks to Mike for doing all the video editing work on this project! Please share this and help spread the word about Fencing…

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TD Ameritrade Ad Campaign with Mariel Zagunis hits the Airwaves!

Let the Olympic Commercials begin! If you’ve been watching TV lately, especially NBC or its affiliates you’ve probably noticed that the Olympic commercials have started to hit the airwave BIG TIME! This Olympics, TD Ameritrade is sponsoring 2x US Olympic Fencing Champion…

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Fencing Masters Posters and T-Shirts are Coming Soon!

Posters, t-shirts and other promotional materials will be rolling out soon! I hope you’ll be joining us for Fencing Masters: Kick-Off to London on June 26, 2012 featuring most of the US Olympic Fencing team competing in London 2012.  …

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Mariel Zagunis on NPR: “Saber Fencer’s are Punk Rockers”

Great interview on NPR today with our very own Olympic Champion Mariel Zagunis where she told them that saber fencers are a bit crazy like punk rockers! lol Check out the full interview here: http://www.npr.org/2012/02/08/146565917/why-saber-fencers-are-a-kin-to-punk-rockers?sc=fb&cc=fp Mariel will be competing at…

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Fencing Masters: Kick-Off to London 2012 (Official Press Release)

Dear Friends, We’re officially launching Fencing Masters: Kick-Off to London 2012!  Please see our press release below.  Have some special things in store to help promote our great sport! Please note a really great offer, for the next 2-weeks only…

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