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Fencing comes to the offices of AIG! Yes, You Can Fence anywhere!

Was a fun day leading a great team of folks at AIG through a group fencing lesson and then a quick team tournament. I also got the chance to share with them my Olympic journey and importance of setting Gold…

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The Stakes are High Today in the Men’s Hockey USA vs. Canada Semi-Final Match!

  Just another reason to: GO TEAM USA!!!!

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Olympic Quote of the Day “KNOCK KNOCK…Who’s there? GOLD MEDAL IN THE FACE, THAT’S WHO’S THERE!”

One of the Canadian newscasters reacting to the Canadian women’s hockey team defeating Team USA in the gold medal game after being down 0-2. I can only hope that our men’s hockey team will redeem us!

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Yoda or Zorro? Who Wins in a Fencing Duel. (Most Creative explanation of the Duel wins a Fencing Hat)

In professional sports like basketball they always debate who would win one-on-one if the legends were to play.   Would Michael Jordan beat Lebron James? etc.   Since fencings most well-known swordsmen still remain movie characters (we are working on…

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Does this reporter Go Too Far Making Bode Miller Cry On Air?

Last night Bode Miller captured an Olympic Bronze medal and in the interview following the race, NBC interviewer Christin Cooper, kept pushing questions about Bode’s brother who passed away until he was completely overcome with emotion. The twitter-verse exploded with…

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This “Ice Ice Baby” Sochi Olympics Inspired School Cancellation Announcement is GREAT!

I wish my school principals had announced snow days this way! This morning I appeared on ABC News to discuss the top viral stories of the 2014 Sochi Games. Of course, just when I got home, this gem from a…

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This is my wife’s Favorite Athlete from the Opening Ceremonies!

He danced, he jumped and he entertained. By far one of the highlights of the parade of nations was the Venezuelan flag bearer. (After Team USA of course!) Excited to watch the Games unfold!

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Topless Putin Greets Visitors to Sochi. This is my favorite story out of the Olympics so far!

This is my favorite story out of the Olympics so far!  I would love to have one of these hanging in my room in Sochi actually.   It would really give me the full experience of an Olympics in Russia!…

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Tokyo will host the 2020 Olympic Games! Check it out!

  My prediction: Team USA Fencing will WIN the medal count by these Games!

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Best Fencing Promo Video Ever!

This promo video for the Budapest Fencing World Championships is one of the coolest ones I’ve ever seen! Olympic champion Aron Szalagyi goes Matrix on some sword wielding bad guys!  

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