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Teach For America’s Most Influential Alumni | Fast Company Magazine

This is by far the best list I’ve ever made! Michelle Rhee, Dave Levin and others are people I really look up to.  Teach For America is a fantastic organization and I’m so proud to be associated with it! Here…

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Olympian Tim Morehouse’s “Motivational Monday” Speech for The National Society of Leadership and Success

A few weeks ago I taped a short 3-minute motivational speech for the National Society of Leadership and Success. Every Monday, they have different speaker’s record messages that they send out to their 30,000 or so members.  During my little…

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Wendy Kopp, Joel Klein, Cami Anderson and David Levine Speak at the Teach For America Alumni Summit

On Saturday, the Midtown Marriot in NYC hosted the Teach For America Alumni Summit which brought together close to 1,000 alumni from the Teach For America program.  It was a gathering of teachers, school leaders, politicians and others who are dedicated to fighting the…

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