Boys Town Goes Fencing!

boys-town-fencing-029Sunday evening we got the chance to teach a great bunch of kids to fence from the Boys Town New York organization!   It’s always fun to show new people our sport and especially fun with people who might not normally get exposed to it.

The Boys Town organization provides short-term emergency residential care for assessment and crisis stabilization for abused, neglected, runaway youth or youth who have been in trouble due to delinquent activities. 

Priscilla, Juanique, Maureen, Jessica, Irvin, Cedric, Donell, Okpala and Anthony are really inspirations and with the help of Boys Town they are turning around their lives.  It was honor to get to meet and work with them!
boys-town-fencing-0201The clinic was purchsed by Dave Shaffer at the Boys Town Building Hope Gala for $10,000 dollars and gifted by him to the students of Boys Town.    A very special thank you to him for supporting Boys Town!


To learn more or support Boys Town:


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