Plovdiv Grand Prix Team Results

Plovdiv Bulgaria Team Final
Plovdiv Bulgaria Team Final

Posted by Jason Rogers

Final results!

Gold: Italy (Montano, Occhuzzi, Pastore and Tarantino)

Silver: Hungary (Illiasz, Szylagi, Desci and Lontay)

Bronze: France (Sanson, Apithy, Lopez and Anstett)

I guarantee that I spelled at least 3 of those names wrong 🙂

US Men’s Sabre Report:

Even though the US Men’s Sabre Team (Rogers, Igoe, Williams and Homer) had a bit of a tough day, it wasn’t all bad. Our fencing is really coming together, and we are showing that we have incredible potential moving forward in these next four years.

Our first round match was with Japan, which is a team that you can never assume will be easy to beat because they move like little ninjas! Seriously, I am not kidding these guys are really fast and getting better by the day. Nevertheless, our first round loss to them was a bit of an “oops,” shall we call it, but let’s not dwell on these things.

We continued to show decent fencing throughout the rest of the day, beating Kazakstan and then Ukraine (which was our first time doing that in recent history I will note).

 Then we had a very strange bout with Poland losing by a decent margin and finally finishing 10th place. Dimitri Guy (our coach for the trip) encapsulated it best today when he said, “If we are judging by the result, we didn’t do so good, but if we are talking about our fencing and our potential for the future, I think day was a great indication of big things to come.” I couldn’t have said it better myself. We will continue to do what we are doing, gaining experience along the way and smoothing out the kinks that have developed in the last couple months of training lightly.

Onward and Upwards….Jason signing off from Bulgaria…I have to go take a nap, as our bus is leaving at 2 am for the airport…yes, I am serious…sigh…

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