America’s Unemployed Olympic Hero: Jason Lezak


An interesting article in Newsweek magazine about Olympic Gold Medalist Jason Lezak and how he wants to continue swimming, but that currently has no major sponsorships to support him.

If an Olympic hero like Jason Lezak is struggling to get sponsorships…yikes for the rest of us Olympians! At least those highly successful executives at AIG are rewarded for their achievements…oh wait.

During every Olympic Games only a few athletes really come out with any real money and the rest struggle to continue going for their dreams, but that’s part of what you understand when you want to be an Olympian.

You do it because you love your sport and because the Olympics are an incredible experience, but realistically to have a long career, a family like he does and also finish your career without being in-debt or in a major hole you do need to get some support.   

Right now, I’m going through the same process with some of my teammates, we really want to train full-time for the next 3-years to have a realistic chance to make the Olympic Games and perform at a high level, but it’s probably the hardest time right now to get those kind of sponsorships.

I wish Jason the best of luck in acquiring sponsorships! (I hope we aren’t far behind!)

You can read the article by Eric Adelson at:

Olympians and Friends Facebook Round Up (March 16, 2009)

laurenLauren McFall (Olympian Synchronized Swimming)
saved a woman’s life today







clairebuffieClaire Buffie (Miss Jubilee ’09)

still playing catch-up from the whirlwind of the last 2 weeks…







leightaylorLeigh-Taylor Savannah Smith (Miss New York)

good night, moon







danica1Danica Lo (NY Post Fashion Writer)

is at Harpers Bazaar lunch with Ray Kelly and a counterfeit Ferrari.









kendrickferrisfb2Kendrick Ferris (Olympian Weight Lifting)

is feeling Pretty good…






scottScott Buccheit (Art Wing Photography)
is not looking forward to St. Patrick’s Day. There are 5 Irish Bars AND Penn Station within 3 blocks from his apt. Which means one thing-puke in the streets.





damien1Damien Lehfeldt (Brandeis Fencer ’09)
wishes he could go back to the month of May








monicaMonica Valerian (new Teach For America corps member!)


Top 10 Fencing Athlete Websites!

Is Polish fencer Sylwia Gruchala's Website #1?

Ok readers, what are the top 10 fencing athlete websites?


After extensive research (About 15 minutes) I’ve compiled a list of 5 websites to start off the competition!


Consider this post a work in progress and a cry request for help!


I was thinking that there must be a bunch of other great athlete pages out there and when I have a bunch I’ll set up a poll so we can have a fair vote. (For now Sylwia Gruchala gets the early nod)


Top-10 Fencing Athlete Websites

#1)Sylwia Gruchala

– Polish Olympian Sylwia Gruchala is a model and “famous” face of our sport in Poland 


#2 Mark Perros

–  Keeps a nice blog with pictures.  There he is in Tunis…



#3 Jason Rogers

 – I actually love this websites design best of all.  Great design, pictures, videos etc.


#4 Tim Morehouse  (sorry for shameless plug!)

– My site is focused on promoting the speaking career I’m trying to buid right now

Mine was designed by Ictus Initiative


#5 Monika Sozansk

German Epee fencer. Pretty solid website. Nice photographs.


#6 Britta Heidmann

– German Epee Fencer and solid website. 

#7 Joe Littler

– Young British Fencer