Gold Medal Match Jason Rogers Vs. James Williams…

1st Half of Gold Medal Bout between Olympians Jason Rogers and James Williams in Portland, Oregon.

2nd Half of Gold Medal Bout between Olympians Jason Rogers and James Williams in Portland, Oregon.

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Ok, Andrew Fischl deserves huge kudos for putting up all these videos!! (Thank you Andrew…you do an amazing service to our sport!)

Best place to find fencing videos is his youtube account:

The man, the myth, the legend…Andrew Fischl (pictured above)

More Pictures and info from the Portland North American Cup:

Olympic Diet Program…

Breakfast 4/27/09:  Oatmeal, Water with a packet of Emergen-C Joint Healthand a grapefuit.

Between training 5-6 hours a day, speaking at schools and corporations, trying to pitch for sponsorships, writing the blog and other projects I realize I have let my focus on my diet get away from me.  

Time to refocus this area!  I’m going to be keeping a little food log of what I’m eating for a nutritionist that I have just started working with who is going to help me optimize my fuel! 

I currently weigh 212lbs with 18% body fat.  Goal is to be around 195-200lbs with 10%.

Lunch: Salmon, 2 pieces of prime rib and asparagus from Organique on 23rd between Park and Lexington (

Just finished 90 minutes of Pilates at BodhiZoneI’m eating lunch (above) digesting for a bit and then going to hit up some cardio at NY Sports Club before going to fencing practice.

Just did 50 minutes of cardio at NY Sports Club followed by some walnuts and a water drink.  Also, I’ve had 2 Isopure Protein shakes which have zero carbs and 0 sugar.

Practiced for 2 hours and then had an egg white Omelete with chicken and tomatoe…forgot to take a picture…I eat it before I realized…guess I was hungry!

Day 1 down and counting to 10% and 195!

Manhattan Fencing Center’s “Hot Bachelors” Win Gold, Silver and Bronze in Portland!


Portland, Oregon was the location for the 3rd and final North American Cup of the season…

The “hot bachelors’ as dubbed by the NY Post had a great competition!

Jason Rogerscaptured the gold defeating his Olympic teammate /clubmate James Williams 15-12.    Tim Morehouse (that’s me!) and Ben Igoe finished 3rd. 

In the semi-final matches, Williams defeated Morehouse 15-14 and Rogers beat Ben Igoe 15-8.   There were 120 competitors overall.


Overall, was a solid performance for me although obviously I would have liked to have done a bit better.  Jason won his first NAC so we’re all happy he can take that monkey off his back.(So to speak!) 


Our clubmate Daryl Homer finished 7th and Sean Buckley finished in the top-16. (He looks like a force to be reckoned with in the future)

Other interesting notes:
* James eat some bad Denny’s and spent the night puking…
* James also woke up on the day of the competition at 3am Portland time thinking it was 6am and that he had to get ready for the competition…
* We compete next in Madrid, Spain on May 20

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