The Death of Small Sports?

An article in the NY Times  about the trend of Universities cutting sports teams especially the small sports…

It looks like athletics are going the way of art programs in many schools: being de-prioritized and cut.

As Americans continue to exercise less and less, especially children, when will we realize that only so many children can play basketball, baseball and football and that if children have less options for sports this will only increase our issues with obesity and poor health? (I will be writing more about this later…such a huge issue)

Fencing in Italian Elle Magazine!

This comes from reader Sharon!!! (Thank you Sharon!)

These pictures are kind of a combo ballet/fencing. 

Do you think the ballet-bulgelook (see pic above on rt) would help fencing incrase its television ratings??? 😉

Craig H: you migth want to be the first to start selling the bulge stuffer if this catches on…(just a thought)

Knowing fencing prices, they would probably retail for $50+ dollars