Olympic Fencers (and a hot angel, Mario Cantone and others) cause a Traffic Jam in NYC…

photo shoots 035

A few days ago, I posted that Jason and I had caused a traffic jam in NYC

The reason for the traffic jam was a photo shoot for a new book, Add More ing to Your Life by Gabrielle Bernstein due  out in January, 2010.  

The book is a self-help book which includes short interviews with people talking about how they found their inner-voice.   I contributed one of the stories and was invited to the photo shoot for the book!

photo shoots 020

It was an interesting experience to say the least! Very scary, but fun!

During the shoot, our friend actor Mario Cantone happened to walking down the street and so we sucked I mean convinced him to do some pictures with us. (You can see him enjoying himself below! lol)


Most astute observation from a reader:
Fencing in the street is one thing, but barefoot, in NYC? Now *THAT* is Madness!! (From Christopher)