Rough Day for Team USA in Italy


The first day of individual competition in Italy is over and once the dust settled most of the American team had been defeated.    Ben Igoe was the one bright spot going 6-0 in the pools.   By going undefeated, Ben has now won 24 straight 5 touch bouts this season.

Daryl Homer went 4-2 in the pools and drew a very tough opponent in Apithy of France who defeated him 15-9 to advance.     James Williams, Jeff Spear and Mike Etropolski went 3-3 in the pools with James falling to Imparato of Italy 11-15, Mike falling 8-15 against Poskura and Jeff losing to a Belarusian fencer 12-15.

Both Luther Clement and Jason Rogers went 2-4 in the pools and were eliminated before 15-touch contention.

Ben Igoe and I fence tomorrow with Ben going against Proskura of Russia and I’m facing off with Shturbabin of Ukraine in the 64.

Since James, Jason and Daryl all failed to make the 2nd day the race for the final 2 national team spots remains nearly deadlocked between the three of them.  There is one competition remaining.  It will come down to the wire again this year as it did last year at nationals, but this time at the Dallas World Cup.

One thought on “Rough Day for Team USA in Italy

  1. Sorry about the team result. Fence well tomorrow!

    Who is fencing for the US team on Sunday?

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