This is Crazy…

Ben Igoe and I were checking out the point standings for the different weapons and were shocked to see the number of points seperating #4 Lee Kiefer from #5 Ambika Singh in women’s foil is .912! Crazy! (That’s a tight race!)

USFA Points Standings Women’s Foil as of May 22, 2009
#4 Lee Keifer                  2148 points
#5 Ambika Singh          2147.088 points

Olympic Champion Mariel Zagunis Wins Silver in China

Hot of the Facebook presses from National Team Member (and all around awesome girl) Dagmara Wozniak.  She just checked-in with some exciting news from the women’s saber team in China…

From Dagmara:
Mariel lost to Velikaya RUS 15-7 for the gold medal bout.  Daria lost to Gavrilova 15-9 or 10 to make 32. Monika and I lost to make the 16. I lost to a korean girl (Kim) 15-14 and i was up 13-10 :(. Monika lost to a Chinese girl 15-7.  Tomorrow is we will redeem ourselves. best of luck to you guys! !

Similar to the situation in men’s saber, the women now have 1 world cup left in Dallas with the final 2 National Team spots being tightly contested between Monica Aksamit, Daria Schneider and Alexis Jemal.