High Line Park Benefit Hosted by Calvin Klein

For years, the above ground High Line train tracks remained vacant of trains or usage of any kind, but now the 30 block long stretch of track is a gorgeous park thanks to a ten year project spearheaded by some intrepid New Yorkers.

Last night, the park had it’s celebrity benefit opening and I’m sure the original builders never imaged their tracks would one day be host to one of the hottest parties in town! 

Jason Rogers and I attended as guest of Calvin Klein and it was truly amazing to walk the park with its gorgeous views of the city and New Jersey, trees and the rail tracks, a reminder of what once used to be here.

Guest included: Model Lydia Hearst (pictured above with Jason and I), actor Bradley Cooper(who we chatted with as he downed some EmergenC that he had stashed in his jacket),Danny Devito(who actually fenced Jason at the party!), photography scion and Welsh royalty Lord Scott Buccheit, Andrew Saffir, Olivia Palermo, Josh Reed and Ed Norton. (Whose interaction we had with him will one day be a story we share on Letterman or Leno as to how dumb Jason and I can both be sometimes!)

Jason and I also filmed some great interviews, including one with Danny Devito who actualy fences (and wins) Jason at the party!  This is going to be for our new video series  on my blog for www.teamusa.org. (Video coming soon!)

To learn more about the amazing history of the park:http://www.fashionwindows.net/2009/06/calvin-klein-collection-to-host-first-party-on-the-high-line/

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