Andrew Fischl New Compilation Video: Pillet and Decsi Slow Attack Video

Hello everyone! It’s Andrew Fischl again and I have completed my newest compilation video. This one features the attacks of Julien Pillet of France and Tamas Decsi of Hungary. They use an attack that is typical of a lot of fencers: gather a lot of speed and throw out a huge, slow finish at the end.

Fencer’s Schneider and Morehouse Visit Schneider’s Children Hospital

This was a great little news piece about Daria Schneider and me visiting some sick children out on Long Island yesterday at Schneider’s Children Hospital.

It was a very humbling and inspiring morning with the kids.  Hope they enjoyed our visit! (Thanks to Leon Paul for providing the foam foils!)

Fashion Night Out: My 25 Events “Experience”

I was born and raised in New York City, but fashion week was always something I just viewed afar.    Not anymore!

Last night was Fashion Week’s Fashion Night Out and with friends Emma Snowdon-Jones and Courtney Dawson I ventured out to explore about as much as NYC Fashion as humanly possible in a four hour period!

How can I best describe Fashion Night Out?

It seemed to be the equivalent of a bar crawl except instead of irish pubs we bounced around fashion retailers and instead of beer people drank champagne. 

If the goal  of the evening was to sales, I’m not sure that was accomplished although the stores were packed and it seemed to be a great night in the city, but most people seemed to be just enjoying the free drinks and the spectacle of it all.

Playing fashion designer Chris Benz in Wii Fencing at Saks 5th Ave...sadly, I lost!

My favorite moments included playing fashion designer Chris Benz in Wii fencing at the Saks 5th ave store and chatting with designer Tommy Hilfiger.   (Tommy Hilfiger dressed me for the evening so a special thanks to him and all the folks on their staff!)

With Tommy Hilfiger at their Bleeker Street Store

Trying to go to 25 events was definitely a challenge especially with the traffic in NYC last night!   During the course of the evening I developed my first case of “Fashion Rage”.  It’s similar to “road rage” but instead of having anger at other drivers, you have anger at well dressed people. 

I imagine that during the course of Fashion Week  for those involved on a daily basis that this fashion rage affliction strikes many people! (The only known cure for this is Pizza so we quickly detoured for a slice which cured me)!

Over the course of the evening we stopped at Ralph Lauren, Christian Dior, Bergdorf, Armani, Saks 5th Ave, John Varvatos, Valentino and Burberry to name a few!  

Our evening ended at the Oakley’s pre-VMA party…so much going on between US Open, VMAs, Fashion Week….yowser!