Fencing Done Right! The Memorial Calarese Competition in Palermo, Italy

This is how fencing should be! 

From the FIS web site

– Great fencing tonight in Palermo at the Teatro Politeama during the “Memorial Calarese,” a trophy to honor the memory of one of the best Sicilian saber fencers ever. Aldo Montano won in the final bout over Nicolas Limbach 15-10.

With about 1000 people present including Michele Maffei and Rolando Rigoli, the competition started with Nicolas Limbach (GER) against Mamoudou Seta (SEN) with a 15-7 win. Then Giampiero Pastore (ITA) beat Benjamin Reshetnikov (RUS) 15-9.

In the quarter finals Luigi Tarantino (ITA) fenced against the 2008 Olympic Champion Zhong Man (CHN). After an intense bout Zhong won 15-10. Lastly, Aldo Montano (ITA), had a real hard time to beat Jason Rogers (USA) 15-11, after an 8-7 partial.

In the semifinals, Pastore recovered with a 0-4 against Limbach (5-5 first then 7-7), but eventually he lost 9-15. Aldo Montano on the other hand beat Zhong Man 15-13 in the Olympic champions duel.

Montano wa undefeated in the final also. Against the current world champion, Nicolas Limbach, Aldo was ahead from start to finish. The last point at 15-10 was few minutes past midnight, local time.

7 thoughts on “Fencing Done Right! The Memorial Calarese Competition in Palermo, Italy

  1. Great Job Tim,
    I love that you do all of this. You are creating stars in the world of fencing. Something that has never been done in this country.
    Keep up the great work.

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