Fencing Matches Were Premier Social Events Back in the Day

I’m always telling people how fencing was a sport of elegance, precision and an integral part of high society with matches being major events.  This painting and the story behind it is the best example I’ve seen.   This is the type of  inspiration for how I hope to create some exciting and meaningful events again in NYC.

Victor Marie Picot (1744-1805), after a painting by Charles Jean Robineau (active by 1780, died ca. 1787), The Assaut, or Fencing Match, which took place at Carton House on the 9th of April, 1787, [1789]. Stipple engraving with aquatint. Graphic Arts Rowlandson collection. Gift of Dickson Q. Brown, Class of 1895.

A 1787 fencing match between a man and a woman in the elegant rooms of Carlton House, London, before the Prince of Wales might seem like an unusual scene in itself but this is only the beginning of the intrigue.(READ MORE)

NCAA, International and High School Fencing Twitter Round Up (Weekend of Jan. 23-24)

Sophomore Daryl Homer

This weekend the countries best NCAA teams were in action all around the country.   Results were posted almost immediately along with videos and stories.  Loving the improvement in coverage of the sport at least on the NCAA level.

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NCAA Fencing:

Stjohns_normal stjohnsbuzztap: St. John's Red Storm (Official Site) >> Fencing. Red Storm Women Defeat Nations Best at STJ Invitational http://bit.ly/4Lie5l

Twittermonogram_normal UND_com: Fencing: Men and women combine to go 8-0 at SJU Invit. including sweep of #1 Penn State (M: 16-11; W: 14-13). Details to follow at und.com

Noah Zucker noahlz Columbia Women’s Fencing defeats Harvard – http://www.redstormsports.com/sports/c-fenc/recaps/012410aaj.html (via @STJ_Fencing)

Noah_normal_normal noahlz: Fencers Split 10 Matches Against Nation's Elite in NYU Invitational – http://bit.ly/86Ryi8#fencing #columbia


Electrician_normal ReschElectrical: NJ Boys Fencing: Montclair survives two tough tests http://bit.ly/5OZdDC

Deb_normal mktsilhouette: FENCING: District tournament preview http://bit.ly/6l0e45


 fencingnet: #fencing Copenhagen Cup Men's Foil: Richard Kruse (GBR wins). US Finishes: Meinhardt (9th), Getz (17th), Chamley-Watson (19th)

 fencingnet: Istanbul world cup: Men's Sabre. Morehouse 6th, Igoe 11th, Williams 12th, Homer 15th, Rogers 18th. #fencing 6 days ago from web

Physical Training Tests: VO2 Max Aerobic, Wingate Anaerobic and BMR Metabolic Test

The past 7-weeks I’ve been training as hard and as smart as I ever have in my career.    About a year ago, I was fortunate enough to run into a trainer from the Beijing Games, Scott Weiss, who also runs a full-service physical therapy clinic Bodhizone (Bodhizone.com) in NYC and he’ sbeen sponsoring my physical training ever since.

I love numbers and setting goals based on data so the physical training we’ve been doing which has been much more data oriented has been very motivating and exciting for me!

TEST #1 The test in the picture above is the BMR Metabolic test which measures the speed of your metabolism and helps you figure out how many calories you need to consume in a day to maintain or lose wait.    You have to take it on an empty stomach and it measures your heart rate and breathing at a resting level.

Results: My metabolism rated as fast on the high end.   My maintenance zone is 2707-3247 calories a day.  For weight loss, 2167-2707 calories daily.  I’m 200 lbs right now and my ideal weight is 195 so I’m looking to lose another 5 lbs.  I’ve dropped about 10lbs since last season.

Test #2 The Wingate Anaerobic Test.   This seemed like it should be easy.  I would pedal this bike which is hooked up to a computer and then once I’m at a sprinting speed weight is added determined by my height.   I have to pedal for 30 seconds with the resistance and it measures how you maintain that speed.   This was seriously the longest 30seconds ever!  I felt like I was running in quicksand once the resistance was added!

Results: I rated in the 90th percentile for overall power.  It’s kind of cool because there are websites where you can see your results versus other professional athletes.   I ranked below 50th percentile in power per lbs so this is an area I can improve. 

Test #3 VO2 Max Aerobic Test: “VO2 max (also maximal oxygen consumption, maximal oxygen uptake or aerobic capacity) is the maximum capacity of an individual’s body to transport and utilize oxygen during incremental exercise, which reflects the physical fitness of the individual. The name is derived from V – volume per time, O2oxygen, max – maximum.” http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/VO2_max

During this test, I ran on the treadmill at 7.0 MPH while they slowly increased the incline every 90 seconds until I reached my maximum aerobic level.

Results: I rated above average aerobic capacity.

Other data, my BMI is 25.7 and Body Fat 14%.  Thanks to Scott Weiss, Mark and the whole crew at Bodhizone for testing me!

NY Magazine Article: Amber Rose, Charity Events and Olympic Fencers

Nice article written by Bennett Marcus in NY Magazine this week.    He discusses the March Gotham Magazine photo shoot I did with Amber Rose. (Yes, Kanye West’s girlfriend)  and Jason Rogers.  He also included information about upcoming (May) charity event for Right To Play which will be in the Penthouse of Barney’s and have a fencing and fashion theme to it.(stay tuned here for more info it!)

And as always, I pay homage to Nacho Figueras for being an inspiration to me as I look to promote fencing.    I spoke to Marcus with Jason Rogers during the after-party for the movie première of Extraordinary Measures.    This is seriously an amazing story of perseverance that’s worth checking out!

You can check out the full article here.  Feel free to comment on it there! 🙂


Trailing 12-13 Vs. Pryiemka to Make Quarter-Finals at The Istanbul World Cup 2010

In the top-16 round at the Istanbul World Cup I faced a very tough opponent in Pryiemka of Belarus.   He defeated me last season in the top-32 round of the Padua World Cup in a close match with him pulling it out at the end.   This time,  we fenced a very back and forth match again ( it was also a bit contentious).  At one point, he made fun of my fencing during the match…Here are the final 3 touches.

12-13: Close distance 5

He had hit me in preparation on the previous touch and so I tried to show him the same start except this time I went for a parry. Was pretty risky at that point, but I had gotten it two times prior and was unsure what else to do since I was struggling to stop his attack and struggling with my own long attack)

13-13 No look Sky Hook
During this point I thought I had hit him and so I turned around and got out of my stance only to see that my light wasn’t on.  When I turned back the referee hadn’t said halt and he was charging at me.  I back peddalled and then threw out a last minute sky hook to score.  He then complained that I stopped fencing!

13-14 Power Preparation
I hadn’t really stopped him on defense the whole match until these last two points.  He actually parry’s my preparation cut and I knew I only had one option so I forced my blade against his and managed to reach his mask before he could riposte.

Below is the video of the entire match.  At about 1:50 I hit him with a stop cut and you can see him making fun of my fencing.   He was up 4-0 then I went on a run.  The break was 8-7.  I was up 12-9 and then he scored 4 straight before I scored the final 3.

Thanks to Andrew Fischl aka CyrusofChaos for the Videos.  You can check out other videos from the Istanbul World Cup at his youtube Channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/CyrusofChaos


I headed over to the new showroom of Joseph Abboud on 5th Ave for a sports and fashion themed event tonight.   After a 20-hour trip home yesterday and 5 hours of training today I’m not really sure I was coherent with everyone, but I tried my best!

AJ Calloway, Television Host and St. Benedicts Epee Fencer

There were live models wearing the JA Apparel clothing (pretty nice stuff) standing on small pedestals and professional athletes from the NFL and NBA.   The event was hosted by the CEO Marty Short and I ran into another fencer AJ CAlloway, who hosts shows on E and is a correspondent on Extra.  (He still sports his St. Benedicts fencing ring on his hand!)

Recently, I’ve been trying to hit up any events with sports themes since  a lot of theme have media folks who specialize in sports related events.  Last week I attended a Football and Fashion event.  (Fencing and Fashion event coming soon!)

Fun time.  Good event.  Very jet lagged from Turkey and will write more about that later! Until then…ciao!