Trailing 12-13 Vs. Pryiemka to Make Quarter-Finals at The Istanbul World Cup 2010

In the top-16 round at the Istanbul World Cup I faced a very tough opponent in Pryiemka of Belarus.   He defeated me last season in the top-32 round of the Padua World Cup in a close match with him pulling it out at the end.   This time,  we fenced a very back and forth match again ( it was also a bit contentious).  At one point, he made fun of my fencing during the match…Here are the final 3 touches.

12-13: Close distance 5

He had hit me in preparation on the previous touch and so I tried to show him the same start except this time I went for a parry. Was pretty risky at that point, but I had gotten it two times prior and was unsure what else to do since I was struggling to stop his attack and struggling with my own long attack)

13-13 No look Sky Hook
During this point I thought I had hit him and so I turned around and got out of my stance only to see that my light wasn’t on.  When I turned back the referee hadn’t said halt and he was charging at me.  I back peddalled and then threw out a last minute sky hook to score.  He then complained that I stopped fencing!

13-14 Power Preparation
I hadn’t really stopped him on defense the whole match until these last two points.  He actually parry’s my preparation cut and I knew I only had one option so I forced my blade against his and managed to reach his mask before he could riposte.

Below is the video of the entire match.  At about 1:50 I hit him with a stop cut and you can see him making fun of my fencing.   He was up 4-0 then I went on a run.  The break was 8-7.  I was up 12-9 and then he scored 4 straight before I scored the final 3.

Thanks to Andrew Fischl aka CyrusofChaos for the Videos.  You can check out other videos from the Istanbul World Cup at his youtube Channel:

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