Heart of Fencing: An Entire Television Show About A High School Fencing Team!! (For Real!)

I was working on a blog post about shows with fencing in them and came across an entire television show from Hong Kong that’s actually about a High School Fencing Team!  See Saved by the Bell /Gossip Girls/90210 meets High School fencing!


There is love, intrigue and death on the  high school fencing team.   Just like my HS fencing experience.  lol so good!   We need a USA Version now!   

Here’s what I found about it: (http://www.spcnet.tv/TVB-Series/Hearts-of-Fencing-review-r223.html)

Chinese Title: “Dong Sei Yip Cho Pong Seung Gim Jim See” (translates to When the Four Leaves Touch the Points of Swords, generally referred to as simply “Sei Yip Cho”)

# of episodes: An excessively but thankfully short 11 episodes (originally 10, an extra episode was added due to high ratings)

In a nutshell…a little bit of fluff, a little bit of cheese, a little bit of preaching, a little bit of puppy love, a little bit of everything. And all this is set against the backdrop of the sport of fencing. The series is reminiscent TVB’s “Aqua Heroes” that came out earlier this year, a bunch of teenagers, a bunch of new faces, and a bunch of lessons against the backdrop of a sport – swimming. Except the storyline for this series is a lot more predictable and the cast members are even less recognizable, if that’s even possible. Here we go.

My Favorite Episode Scenes…The day of the party, Lok accidentally drops the necklace in the middle of the road. He bends down to pick it up, and is then struck by a high-speed truck.(Poor Lok, but the team makes a dramatic discovery!)…

When Lok dies, however, the team realizes that Lok actually really loved the sport and wanted to help their school retrieve the sports title…(Luckily Lok has a brother, but there is trouble!)…

That night on the beach Don (the new captain of the team) tells Yat that he cannot compete in the upcoming fencing competion. Furious, Yat and Don start to throw punches at each other as Lam Lam desperately watches on. They stop fighting as Lam Lam, in tears, yells at Yat, telling him that she knows what he’s trying to do and that he will never succeed because of the reasons behind his actions: “Winning this competition is not your dream…it is your brother’s! You will never succeed, because this ambition does not belong to Au-Yeung Yat, it belongs to Au-Yeung Lok…(WOW! So much drama!)

Finding this show made my night! -Tim