Men’s Saber Fencing Budapest World Cup: Williams and Etroploski Advance to Join Morehouse and Igoe in the top 64.

Budapest, Hungary — Overall, It was a rough day for USA fencers.   Andrew Fischl (2-4 pools), Luther Clement (2-4 pools) and Jeff Spear (2-4 pools)  went out in the round of 256 and Daryl Homer  (4-2 pools) lost in the 128 in this very competitive field.   James Williams (3-3 pools) and Mike Etropolski (4-2 pools) both advanced to join Ben Igoe  (15th seed) and Tim Morehouse (14th eed) in the brack of 64.

Homer started very strong in the pool winning his first 3 matches 5-0, 5-2, 5-1 before losing two in a row 4-5 after leading.   He then lost a tough match to Frenchmen Wilian 13-15.    Clement lost to Hartung (GER), Fischl los to Ciari (ITA) and Spear lost to Gall (Hun).   James Williams defeated Yilgin (TUR) and O’Connell (GBR) to advance and Etropolski bested Kosivov (RUS). 


In interested news, Alexy Yakimenko (RUS) did not fence because he is serving a 2-month suspension for throwing his mask at a Referee during a national competition in Russia.  Savich (RUS) is also currently serving a suspension for failing a non-performing enhancing drug test. 

Lukashenko seemed very happy and smiling more than I’ve ever seen him in a few years as he coached the Japanese team as he proudly wore their warmups.  

Tomorrow’s Round of 64 Draws:
Williams V Montano (ITA) 9am (2am EST) * Olympic Champion 2004
Morehouse V. Perros (CAN) 9am (2am EST)
Igoe V. Zhong (CHN) * Olympic Champion 2008
Etropolski V. Zalomir (ROM)