Fencing Matches: James Williams (USA Olympian) Vs. Aldo Montano (Italian Olympic Champian ’04) at Budapest Saber Fencing World Cup 2010

Video Courtesy of CyrusofChaos

Team USA Fencer James Williams (on left) Vs. Italian Aldo Montano of Italy. (On right) 

In the round of 64 at the Budapest World Cup.  Great stuff.

US Vancouver Winter Olympian Emily Cook on the Cover of The New YorK Times Magazine!!

2010 Vancouver Winter Olympian Emily Cook is on the cover of the New York Times Magazine!

What a breathtaking picture!   Truly amazing!

You can follow Emily’s journey at the Olympics via her twitter at www.twitter.com/emilycook  and I’ll also be twittering for the US Olympic Committee and AT&T as well at www.twitter.com/timmorehouse

The Vancouver Olympics are 3 days away!