Where in the World is Team USA Saber? MOSCOW, RUSSIA!

After 8 days in Budapest, Hungary for competition and training we’re on the road again to Moscow, Russia for the next competition.  This will be our third international and fourth competition overall this season.   We started the season in Istanbul, Turkey a few weeks ago.  This is the super busy part of our season and after Moscow we’ll be home for only 8 days before heading back out for the Bulgaria Grand Prix. 

Ben Igoe, James Williams, Daryl Homer, Jeff Spear and I stayed in Budapest while a few of the guys Mike Etropolski, Andrew Fischl and Luther Clement flew home (For 3 days!) to the USA before flying back out.

It was a bit of a rough in-between week for me since I’ve come down with a bit of an illness.  Nothing serious, but I’ve spent most of the time in bed trying to recover so I can compete at 100% health  in a few days.     Hoping for a full recovery by the time we start fencing!

Stay tuned here and on my twitter (www.twitter.com/timmorehouse) for updates on the competition.   The road to qualify for the Paris World Championships continues! (GO TEAM USA IN VANCOUVER AS WELL!)

Budapest World Cup: Morehouse (USA) Vs. Iliasz (HUN), Dumitrescu Vs. Gu For Gold

My match against Iliasz (HUN)  to make round of 16.  I’m on the right and he’s on the left.  He beat me 15-14 in a tough match. 

Dumitrescu (ROM) vs Gu (KOR) for Gold.    Gu is the Junior world champion from 2008 and this was only his 2nd senior circuit world cup!

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