Fencing Photography by The Masters: In search of Annie Leibovitz and Bruce Weber’s Olympic Fencing Portraits of Cliff Bayer and Keeth and Erinn Smart

(Annie Leibovitz 1996 Olympic Portraits: Nick Bravin and Zaddick Longenbach)

I’m trying to track down some fencing photographs from high profile photographers and magazines.     On May 13th, I will be hosting an event at the Barney’s Penthouse for the charity Right To Play and we’re going to displaying fencing photography and auctioning them off.

Hoping to get these pictures and then get permission for us to use them as a print for the event. (More details to come on the event! Invite being finalized today)

The pictures are…

1) Cliff Bayer did a photo shoot with Annie Liebovitz in 2000 for either Vanity fair or GQ which was of his shirtless back holding a foil over his head

2) Keeth and Erinn Smart had a photograph in Vanity Fair in 2004 shot by famed photographer Bruce Weber.