Women’s Foil Fencing Team Competing in Gdanks, Poland

The road to the Paris World Championships for women’s foil continues this weekend in Gdansk, Poland.

Ambika Singh, Lee Kiefer, Nzgingha Prescord, Doris Willette, Nicole Ross, Margeret Lu and Maddie Zeiss are competing in Gdansk, Poland this weekend.

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Ambika will be sending me updates and I’ll be posting.  Good luck girls!

The girls will be staying in Poland and afterwards and then heading onto Turino, Italy for another competition.

Here’s how the race looks right now for the National Team: (Top 4 Qualify)

1 (2988.75 points) Prescod, Nzihgha

2(1827 points) Singh, Ambika

3 (1695 points) Kiefer, Lee

4 (1435 points) Lu, Margaret L.C.

5 (1395 points) Ross, Nicole

6 (1375 points) # Shaito, Mona

7 (1210 points) # Kiefer, Alexandra

8 (1200 points) Willette, Doris

Where in the World is the Men’s Saber Fencing Team? Plovdiv, Bulgaria!

We’re off to Europe again! 

We returned last Monday from a 14 day trip to Budapest and Moscow and after a short week of sleep, training and seeing friends and family we’re back to it!

This time we’re headed to Plovdiv, Bulgaria for another Grand Prix.  This trip has already had some interesting quirks.   We originally booked Luftansa tickets, but they went on strike so our flight was cancelled.  Then we booked Air France through Paris and found out two days ago that air traffic controllers are striking in Paris so finally we got our tickets yesterday through Rome on Alitalia!

Making the trip for the US are Ben Igoe, James Williams, Daryl Homer, Andrew Fischl, Mike Etropolski and and myself.

You can follow all the fun live on my twitter: Www.twitter.com/timmorehouse

NBC Visits Manhattan Fencing Center to Discuss Vancouver Olympic Fever…(Airs Sunday after Closing Ceremonies)

NBC local affiliate news station WNBC stopped by Manhattan Fencing Center today to interview James Williams and me for a story about Olympic Fever and to chat about the prospects of the Games ever being held in NYC.

The piece will air Sunday night after closing ceremonies on Channel 4 News in NYC.