Lee Kiefer 1st out of Pools as 4 US Fencers Advance to 2nd Day (Team USA Women’s Foil World Cup in Gdansk, Poland)


Gdansk, PolandThe Women’s foil world cup got underway today with US fencer Lee Kiefer having a strong day.  She won all her matches in pool play as she advanced to the second day as the #1 seed for the first day and 17th seed overall.    Amibika Singh, Doris Willette and Nicole Ross also advanced.

Nzingha Prescod, Epiphany Georges, Madison Zeiss failed to advance to the bracket of 64.

Live Results and Bracket of 64 can be found live at: http://www.mat-fencing.com/Mask2010/2010-02-26/index_ENG.html

Dear Fencers Who Use Twitter, Facebook, Blog…Lend me Your Ear! (And Your Online Voice!)

Did you know President Obama fenced in front of the White House and that he says he loves the sport?

That our women’s saber team swept the medals at the Beijing Olympics and that overall team USA fencing took home 6 medals at the Games?

That the hit ABC show Modern Family has an entire episode based around the sport? (And many other shows have done the same!)

That fencing is featured in numerous advertisements around the world?

That fencing is a hot sport done by hundreds of thousands of people in the USA alone in clubs, after-school  programs, high school teams, in the  NCAA and other places? (And yes, that’s Natalie Portman fencing above)

Fencing is one of the greatest sports in the world and I’m hoping you’ll help me spread the word!   Since we’re not on television a lot, it’s essential that we have a strong presence online.   I’m working to centralize as many fun resources, pictures and articles as possible, but we need to be organized to grow and we all need to be involved!

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Predict The Results of Men’s Saber Bulgarian World Cup Contest! (Winner gets a USA Fencing T-Shirt!)

  (3)Tarrantino (ITA)
Game 1 Details
(62)Hamar (HUN)
  (1)Dumitrescu (ROM)
Game 17 Details
Yamamoto (JPN)
  Winner of 1
Game 33 Details
Winner of 2
  Winner of 17
Game 41 Details
Winner of 18
  Winner of 33
Game 49 Details
Winner of 34
  Winner of 41
Game 53 Details
Winner of 42
  (35)Yagodka (UKR)
Game 2 Details
(30)Likhacheuska (BLR)
  (33)Anstett (FRA)
Game 18 Details
(32)Buikevich (BLR)
  (19)Occhiuzzi (ITA)
Game 3 Details
  (17)Yakimenko (RUS)
Game 19 Details
at: Plo
(48)Szilagy (HUN)
  Winner of 3
Game 34 Details
Winner of 4
  Winner of 19
Game 42 Details
Winner of 20
  (51)Bela (ROM)
Game 4 Details
(14)Lopez (FRA)
  (49)Jiang (CHN)
Game 20 Details
(16)Morehouse (USA)


Just found this program that let’s you create brackets which allow others to predict results.  You’ll need to register, but its free, and I’ve inputted all the matches for tomorrow.   Once I input the final results it will determine the winner.

I’ve been thinking of ways to get people more excited about following the USA fencing teams.  Even just within the large US fencing community itself–several hundred thousand fencers strong) So I’m interested to see if this gets anyone excited…


PS Mine is just a test so don’t look too deeply into my predictions!

Bulgaria Men’s Saber World Cup: Homer, Igoe and Morehouse Advance to day 2

Plovdiv, Bulgaria – International competition number 4/11 for team USA got off to a rocky start.   

On the positive side, Daryl Homer and Ben Igoe advance.  Homer went 3-3 in his pool and advanced by defeating Torchuk (UKR) 15-11.   Ben Igoe went 3-3 in his pool and then defeated Gorski (POL) 15-14 to move onto day 2.

Olympian James Williams went 4-2 in his pools, but was elminated by Nagy (HUN) 14-15.   Mike Etropolski went 3-2 before falling to Dolniceanu (ROM) 7-15 and Barron Nydham went 4-2 before falling to Jansen (VEN).   Andrew Fischl went 1-5 in his pools and failed to advance.

In tomorrow’s bracket of 64, Tim Morehouse fences Jiang (CHN), Igoe squares off against Decsi (HUN) and Daryl Homer faces World Champion Limbach (GER).

Check out/predict the Results of the ROUND 64 Bracket (CLICK HERE)

Follow the action live on twitter: www.twitter.com/timmorehouse

The Glamorous Life of Fencers on the Road…

We lived blessed lives as athletes doing what we do, but sometimes it’s just fun to look at what we have to do to get to Olympic glory…

There are lots of strange places, long flights and very unglamorous portions.  Take our current hotel in Bulgaria: Our room smells of urine, has rat poison behind the bed and when we walked into our “double room” to find only one bed were told by the hotel clerk, “but it’s a big bed, no?”

“Sorry sir, we’re not sleeping in the same bed no mater how big it is!”

Wouldn’t trade this life for anything else….