Fencing Gets Modern! New Technology For Scoring Machines…

Yes, that’s a fencing scoreboard, and, yes, that is a video game controller, and, yes, that’s what the referee holds to add the score up, but there is much more! 

The system is attached to a lap top and using the controller, the machine says “fence” “halt” or anything else you want it to say.  The noises can be adjusted to any sound file on your computer.

Even more interesting, is that the machine also provides data on the time between hits.  The “3” on the picture above is th amount of time in milliseconds between the first hit and second.   If only one light comes on and both fencers hit, the fencer whose light doesn’t come on can see how far away they were from getting their light on!  Very cool!

I could see this being very helpful in practice for fencers when it comes to the timing of finishing an attack against preparation.  

The one glitch I saw was that two machines were each using the same computer voice so the fencers on the wrong strip kept stopping for the other box, but that can easily be adjusted. 

These machines just look way cooler also.  Go job whoever figure this one out!

Arnold Sports Festival: Sylvester Stallone Calls Fencing, “One of Best Sports in the World”

Columbus, Ohio– Sylvester “ROCKY” Stallone paid a visit to the fencing competition and told the crowd of 500+ people that he fenced saber when he was younger and there isn’t a better sport in the world to get fit.

He then proceeded to wow the crowd without any instruction with some fencing footwork and a few lunges.   His footwork and technique looked pretty good! 

2-Time Olympic Champion Mariel Zagunis and I presented him with a signed saber to which he saluted the crowd and then headed on his way.

There are 350+ fencers competing at the Arnold Classic amongst the 17,000+ athletes, 40 sports and 200,000 spectators in attendance.  This is potentially the event where the most amount of people are getting exposure to the sport.  Awesome! 

Julia Richey and Tim Mills are doing a wonderful job of PR for fencing as well as ensuring that the competition runs smoothly.  

Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger will be stopping by the fencing competition tomorrow.