Every Fencer Should Buy This Book: “Foiled” by Jane Yolen

I’m loving this new book “Foiled” by former Smith fencer Jane Yolen.  It’s a merging of fantasy genre with fencing in a comic book style format.
Deftly juggling fantasy adventure with a young girl’s coming of age, Foiled finds its heroine, Aliera, torn between her comfortable routines, including a determination to become an Olympic fencer and weekend afternoons gaming with her physical disabled cousin, and the attentions of a cute new boy in school. (READ MORE)
A girl’s coming of age story mixed with fencing…right up my alley. 
Yes, I have the Dixie Chicks and Indigo girls on my ipod and I fence so really this book is perfect for me. 😉   Author Jane Yolen’s Website has more information on this book and her other titles.
Mike Cavallaro provided the illustration.  A sequel is apparently already in the works called, “Curses Foiled Again”.  Another good title I think, no?
The book comes out April 13, but you can
CLICK HERE TO BUY THE BOOK NOW!!  Let’s support all fencing related projects and show people the power of the fencing community! GO FENCING!
*** Shout out to Brandeis Alum/Fencer Brendan “Showtime” Doris-Pierce for letting me know about this book!  Love it!

3 thoughts on “Every Fencer Should Buy This Book: “Foiled” by Jane Yolen

  1. NOOOOOO!!! I am seeing her (At Smith’s Scifi/Fantasy Con) before it comes out, so I can’t get her to sign it! BOOOO.

    Let me know if you want me to ask her anything about it for you!

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