A Good Example for Fencing: Polo Player Nacho Figueras’s Mainstream Mission for his Sport Discussed (Newsweek Article)

I pay close attention to Nacho Figueras and his athlete-led charge to bring the sport of Polo into the mainstream.   He’s already made huge strides, but there is more to go.

Check out the Newsweek article as posted on Nacho’s twitter:
@nachofigueras Thanks @Newsweek for mentioning me in “Learning to Play Polo” & my mission in making polo a more mainstream sport. http://bit.ly/9Hp1fK

I’m hoping to start creating some publicly viewed fencing matches/events  in NYC starting in the near future.   May 13th will be a little kick-off  of this endeavor.  I’m helping to  host a charity event for Right To Play using fencing photography from famous artists (more to come on that), but that will get the ball rolling… 

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