Fashion Week Daily: “Let’s Not Show this to Kanye, I Don’t Want to get my butt kicked!” Did I Really Say That? LOL

 Tim Morehouse, Sarah Hughes

Fashion Week Daily ran a little quote from me at the Gotham Gala event:

And Tim Morehouse (who came by with fellow Olympian Sarah Hughes) got a glance at his fashion spread co-starring Amber Rose. “Let’s not show this to Kanye,” he joked. “I don’t want to get my butt kicked!”

Oye.  Lol.  Always keeping it classy.


896 Days until London Olympics– Let The Sponsorships Begin!


Great article in the Wall Street Journal on the business side of the Olympics most important to the athletes: SPONSORSHIP!  

I’ve been working hard to position myself to get a corporate sponsor to support my training over the past two years since Beijing and now that the Vancouver Olympics is over, the time is now to make a serious push.

This past week, almost all of the major sponsors were out in California for a convention with the Sports Business Journal with a lot of athletes and agents making their initial cases.  This was a world I knew nothing about until after we won our medal at the Beijing Games and I started asking around and meeting with agents.  Fencing is still very much on the outside looking in, but  I’m chipping away…

Wall Street Journal: Let The Sponsorships Begin
There’s still 869 days to go before the flame is lit in London’s Olympic stadium, signalling the start of the 2012 Olympic games, but for sponsors of the biggest event on the sporting calendar, the race to make an impression is already under way.

With athletes and organizers still nursing jet lag following the recent Winter Games in Vancouver, global brands and corporate partners are putting in the hard yards two years ahead of time in an effort to make the most of their involvement.

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