NY POST PAGE 6: Olympic Figure Skating Champion Sarah Hughes was overheard telling fellow Olympic Medalist Tim Morehouse…

In the NY Post gossip column Page 6 today there is a bit of gossip taken from an overheard conversation between my friend Olympic champion Sarah Hughes and me at the Gotham Gala at Capitale! Yikes!

You never know who might be listening, right?

So what was she overheard telling me?

Too funny.

Tunis Saber Fencing World Cup: Zagunis pockets 2 Medals. Men Struggle.

Tunis, Tunisia — On day 3 of the Tunis World Cup, the US women’s Saber team of Mariel Zagunis, Dagmara Wozniak, Daria Schneider and Ibty Mohammad took home  the bronze.   They defeated Canada and China, lost to Russia and then beat France for Bronze.

The US women’s saber team also posted strong results in the individual event.  Mariel Zagunis captured the Silver medal,  Mohammad finished in the top-16 and Schneider, Jacobson and Barrata finished in the top-32.  Wozniak fell in the 64 ending  a streak of 3, top-8 international finishes.

The men’s saber team on day 1 of the individual struggled.   Luther Clement was the lone US fencer with a winning record going 3-2 before falling to Buikevich to make the 2nd day.  The rest of the US team was ousted in pools with Ben Igoe going 0-4, Williams 2-4, Weller 1-5 and Etropolski 1-5.    Igoe had the misfortune of being in a very tough pool of 5 when almost all of the other groups had 7.  

Morehouse fences Darvishi  (IRI) in the round of 64 tomorrow at 10am (5am EST)    US Fencers Daryl Homer and Jeff Spear are home in the USA preparing for NCAAs. 

Some of the most interesting news around the tournament is that the Chinese National Coach Christian Bauer may be heading to Russia to head up their program.  Stay tuned…