Team USA Men’s Saber Fencing: 5th Place in Tunis World Cup

After struggling for much of the season against stronger opponents, we finally had a bit of a breakout day.  We beat Ukraine 45-36 to make the top-8, lost to the world champion Romanians 45-44 to make the semi-finals in a heartbreaker and then beat Spain 45-26 and France 45-41 to secure a 5th place finish and our highest  finish of the season.

The team consisted of Ben Igoe, James Williams, Tim Morehouse and Mike Etropolski with Ed Korfanty and Akhi Spencer-El providing the coaching.

We head home in the morining to New York City!  We have the April mid-season break to build on the first half of the season.   Next competition is the North American Cup in Virginia Beach at the end of April and then the next world cup is in Thailand at the start of May.

More Pictures Here: