Fencing.Net: Massialas and Kiefer Take Golds in Baku at Junior/Cadet World Championships

Cadet Men's Foil - US Medalists S.Timacheff/FencingPhotos.com

Alex Massialas won the 2010 Cadet World Championship in Men’s Foil He and Race Imboden led US efforts on Easter Sunday in Baku. Massialas upgraded from his 2009 bronze to gold by defeating 2009 silver medalist Edoardo Luperi (ITA) 15-13 in the finals. Imboden added a bronze to the US medal tally. He lost to Luperi 15-12 in his semi-final match. Brian Kaneshige finished 44th.
Read Article: http://www.fencing.net/news/world/massialas-world-champion-%11-imboden-brings-home-bronze.html

Lee Kiefer attacks in the Cadet World Championships

Lee Kiefer (USA) took gold and won the first medal for the United States at the 2010 Cadet and Junior World Championships. In the finals of the 2010 Cadet Women’s Foil competition, Kiefer led the bout at the end of the first period 6-2. Camilla Mancini (ITA) would bring the score to within 2 at 5-7 for Kiefer with 1:39 left in the 2nd period. That would be Mancini’s last point as Kiefer went on an 8-0 run to win 15-5. Kiefer won the silver at the 2009 Cadet World Championships.

Read Article: http://www.fencing.net/news/world/kiefer-golden-in-baku.html

Congrats and good luck to all our fencers! GO TEAM USA!

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