Support Fencers doing good things: Fencer Fox Todd Schaffer Needs YOUR Help!

From Fox:
These kids (Above) are amazing, self-less, and since my wife & I haven’t had any kids of our own yet, they are our surrogate children! They are called Gravity Youth Ministries and I’ve been an asst leader for 5 1/2 years.  The kids do Acts of Random Kindness missions.  The organizations funding hinges on our once a year fund-raiser which is the 3-hour walkathon this Saturday at 9am Texas time (Central).

All pledges can be paid as able (after the walkathon is over) but the pledges have to be made to me by Saturday 7:30am.   I can do 55 laps in 3 hours! A pledge of just a quarter would be $13.75, fifty cents would be $27.50 and a dollar per lap would be $55 assuming I did the 55 laps!

How to Help?
Pledge through my email: and put walkathon in subject line, as well as basic info like your full name and mailing address (phone number is optional); as soon as Monday I will send you the final amount, the address to mail it to and simple instructions.

100% goes to the youth budget (not a penny goes elsewhere), and we make the money stretch as far as possible! Also, if you would like to pledge a set whole dollar amount they can just say the dollar amount and type, “flat” after the amount!

p.s.  you can also text pledges to 972-467-7003

One thought on “Support Fencers doing good things: Fencer Fox Todd Schaffer Needs YOUR Help!

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