Mental Training for Sports Performance: Bio Feedback Testing

I’ve recently begun working with Doctor Rob Udeiwitz to improve the sports psychology side of my training.   He’s worked with a few US Olympians in the past: Dan Kellner, Jon Tiomkin, Jed Dupree and most recently Jason Rogers

Part of our initial work is diagnosing how I respond under stress and in different situations.    All the wires attached to me (above) are measuring heart rate, muscle tension and brain activity.   I was put through a series of various activities with varying degrees of difficulty to see how I would respond,

 The chart above are the measurements of my bodies breathing, brain waves and muscle tension.   The first few tests were baseline readings of how I am when relaxed.  So I would breath deeply and try to clear my thoughts.

 Next, we began a series of “challenges” to see how I would respond.    In the screen shot above, I need to keep these mice walking forward by keeping by brain waves and muscle tension low.  The red on the lower left part of the screen means that I’m not succeeding and my mouse is walking backwards!  The one right above, in green, means my muscle tension is low enough to keep the mouse walking forward.

The above test required me to read the color and not the word as it flashes across the screen.  It was much harder than it looks.    I’d have a few seconds to say the colors before the screen would shift again.    There were 6 or 7 tests which varied in difficulty and stress. 

I’m looking forward to going over the results with Doctor Rob next week.  The point of all this testing, is to gain greater awareness of your bodies stress level in different situations and then to develop tools to manage your nerves and stress so that you’re performing at your peak mental place.