And The Winner of the 80th Annual AAU Sullivan Awards Is…Amy Palmiero-Winters, Ultra-Marathoning!

An inspiring night at the New York Athletic club as the AAU awarded the 80th Annual Sullivan Award to paralympic athlete Amy Palmiero-Winters.     She was selected the winner from 6 finalists who were picked from a larger group of 14 athletes via a poll with USA Today.

Her story is truly inspiring.  She runs 100+ mile races, ulta marathons, in under-24 hours and often wins even against able bodied men and women!    She lost her leg at age 21, but has turned her life into a focus of helping  children who’ve lost limbs, competing as a top athlete in one of the most grueling sports of endurance and working full-time as a mother of 2! Wow!

All of the six finalists each had truly remarkable sporting and off the field  achievements and I felt honored to have hosted the evening.   The other 5 finalists, Zak Boggs, Megan Hodge, Angela Bizzari, Clint Moore and Lisa Halmin have reached incredible heights: Olympians, NCAA champions, world champions and record holders amongst the 5 of them. 

Olympic Champion and friend Sarah Hughes did a great job talking to the athletes about what it means to be a UAA Sullivan Nominee and it was truly a pleasure to spend the day with the athletes, their families and the great folks at the AAU and NYAC.  Congrats to all of them!

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