New York is Fencingtown, USA

Great article in New York Family Sports about the history of fencing in New York City and it’s growth as a sport for kids.   The article quotes  National team members Nzingha Prescod and Daryl Homer, Olympians from the area and coaches Buckie Leach and Sean McClain

This is a great piece of targeted media since the newspaper and it’s online version are targeted at families with young children and they include the contact information for a number of clubs here in the city.

Article by Tanya Caldwell:
While some New York City kids are off batting or running or kicking or skating, hoping to get noticed in a field full of athletes, other kids are quietly working on world domination—and winning.
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Some of the best fencers in the world live right here in New York City, the unofficial fencing capital of the USA. They’re paired with some of the best trainers in the country and get to compete around the globe.

*** On one other note, the article says, “Manhattan Fencing Center has 120 new kids”.   If we get half of those kids to attend the world cup in NYC that would be at least one hundred tickets sold if we include their parent(s) and anyone else they might bring…and that’s just one club!