How Odd? A School Full of Traditionally Trained Teachers, run by Linda Darling-Hammond and Supported by Diane Ravitch is Failing?!?! I’m shocked!!


This story  just highlights how our country’s graduate schools of education are not getting the job done in terms of training teachers to educate our neediest students.   Linda Darling-Hammond is quick to criticize Teach For America, which is actually making a difference, but can’t seem to back up herown  talk with results using “traditional” teachers trained by Stanford’s Ed School. 

I can’t wait until the movie “Waiting For Superman” comes out next year…It will be the Inconvenient Truth for Public Education.

Charter Extension Founded by Linda Darling-Hammond Denied to Low-Scoring Stanford School

Stanford New School has the best of credentials and focused on academics and students’ emotional and social lives and was persistently a worst-performing school.

Responding to low test scores, the Ravenswood school board denied a charter extension to a K-through-12 school created and overseen by Stanford University.

A charter school created and overseen by Stanford University’s School of Education was denied an extension of its charter on Wednesday night after several members of the school board labeled it a failure.

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