Virginia Beach Is For Fencers! (Best Fencers in the USA Descend on Virginia This Weekend!)

Fencing is coming to Virginia Beach this weekend.
North American Cup F, April 23-26

This is some very cool stuff I found on this discussion thread at: Love what these folks have done to create some promotional materials the upcoming fencing competition in Virgina Beach for non-fencers!

Check out what this guy created for people in Virginia Beach:

Schedule (for Division 1 events)

  • Friday, April 23
    • 8:30am: Women’s Foil
  • Saturday, April 24
    • 8:30am: Women’s Epee
    • 8:30am: Men’s Sabre (you can expect the finals to start around 1pm or so)

      Watch for:
      Tim Morehouse, member of the 2008 USA Men’s Sabre team, silver medalists in the Beijing Olympics.
      Jason Rogers, a member of the same 2008 silver medalists men’s sabre team, model, and all-around good-looking guy.
      Daryl Homer, 2010 NCAA Men’s Sabre champion, and the youngest member of the current national team.
  • Sunday, April 25
    • 8:30am: Men’s Epee
    • 1:00pm: Women’s SabreMariel Zagunis, 2-time Olympic gold medalist
  • Monday, April 26
    • 8:30am: Men’s Foil


Some quick info about these North American Cups (NACs):
– Epee events take a long time, so if one starts at 8am, don’t expect the final until 5pm or later.
– Sabre events are very quick, plus have a smaller group of competitors. The women’s sabre event, which starts at 1pm, will probably be done by 4 or 5pm. I’ll be in the men’s sabre tournament, which starts Saturday around 8:30am.

– I only listed the division 1 events, which are the strongest. There are also Youth events at this tournament, so if you stop by you will see LOTS of 8 to 14-year-olds running around. Ask around to find out where the div. 1 events are being fenced.

– All the division 1 tournaments start with a round of pools (if there are 105 competitors, they’ll be split into 17 pools of 7 fencers each). Pools are fenced round-robin, so everyone fencers everyone in his pool in 5-point matches. After this round, the top 80% of the competitors advance, are ranked according to their results (percentage of victories, then by number of points scored for/against), and are placed in a table of direct elimination. Then, 128 fencers go to 64, to 32, to 16, etc.

– The United States Fencing Association (USFA) doesn’t go out of its way to make these inviting to spectators, which is why I’d like to do. Don’t be afraid to walk in, around, and right up to the strips. Each area containing fencing strips will have a divider around it, and you can come up right next to the divider.

– Fencing is incomprehensible in the beginning. Strike up a conversation with anyone and ask him/her what’s going on.

If any media in Virginia would like to talk to any of these Olympians or competitors, please feel free to contact me:

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