Fencing Is a Sexy Sport: Olympic Champion Aldo Montano’s Body Wash Commercial For a Product Called “Sex”

This video was sent to me by one of my great fans Frank! 

Frank writes, “Don’t know where to put this, but since you sometimes do the “Fencing is a Sexy Sport” posts, I thought you might find this hideous/hilarious commercial of Aldo Montano and body wash amusing.  The name of the product line literally appears to be “sex”. Oh, those Italians.”

Wow…I’ll let you all do the comenting on this one!  (I can’t lie…we need something like this with US Athletes!)  What would our “USA fencing body wash” be called?

Guest Teaching in East Harlem at MS 57 James Weldon Johnson Leadership Academy as part of Teach For America Week

I was a guest teacher today for an amazing bunch of 8th grades at MS 57 James Weldon Johnson Leadership Academy as part of Teach For America Week.    Brushes off the skills I honed as a 7th grade social studies teacher in Washington Heights for 3 years and returned back to the neighborhood where I attended elementary school at Central Park East I.

I definitely miss teaching and interacting with kids on a regular basis! Hope they enjoyed the visit…I wish I had smart boards when I was teaching…those things are amazing! lol

Congrats to all of the students on their hard work and recent High School acceptances!   I look forward to seeing all the great things they will do for this world in the near future.   Maybe some future Olympians in the bunch? Hope so! 

Special thanks to Mr. Peak and the principal for letting me visit their great school.  Also to Erin Brooks and Josh Dormont for being awesome escorts and all the people who are sponsoring Teach For America teachers!