Celina Merza Wins Division I Women’s Saber in Virgina Beach North American Cup of Fencing

Photo of Celina Merza

Cadet National team member Celina Merza was the surprise winner of the Virgina Beach North American Cup of Fencing, upsetting some of the country’s top ranked senior fencers to claim her first Division I NAC title.  

Second place was Ibtijah Mohammad. 3rd place Eliza Stone and Canadian National Team Member Sandra Sassin.  Rounding out the bottom 8 were Daria Schneider, Emily Jacobson, Lian Osier and Margaret McDonald.

View Full Results: http://assets.usoc.org/assets/documents/attached_file/filename/24637/DVIWSa.pdf

Profile of Celina Merza…
Celina Merza
 is the daughter of Bassam and Blana Merza… She is a member of the 2009 Cadet World Championship Team… Her dad introduced her to the sport by chance… Celina’s love of fencing, her family’s support, and the challenge of the sport is what motivates her… She considers herself easy-going yet determined… Celina is an Honor Roll student and enjoys reading, music, outdoor sports, and forensic science.

Competition Record:
2009- Member of the Cadet World Championship Team
2008- Summer Nationals in San Jose, CA, 1st place Y14
 Cadet Team World Cup in Konin, Poland, 1st place
2008- Junior Olympic Championships in Charlott, NC, 3rd place Junior

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