Cool Fencing Video of the Day: Fencing in Skinny Jeans? Actor David Tennant in Hamlet “Makes It so” with Patrick Stewart and Penny Downie

Can’t believe I’ve never seen this before.¬† Pretty cool scene with fencing.¬†¬† This video is¬†from a modern version of Hamlet with David Tennant, Patrick Stewart, Penny Downie. Act 5, Scene 2. – Pt.2

Something BIG in the works for Fencing (A Sneak Preview)

Imagine a¬†fencing event like the ones above in Italy, but¬†in¬†the USA!¬†¬†¬†¬†The top¬† international fencers, several thousand paying spectators, sponsors underwriting and promoting the event, celebrities in attendance, plenty of media coverage and more…

I’m working to make this vision into a reality in NYC and today it’s one step closer to¬†happening!¬† More details¬†to come (and plenty of more steps to come), but let’s just say¬†I will certainly need to rally YOU (Aka the amazing fencing community) to make this an vision into an unbelievable reality when it’s finalized.¬† ¬†Likely date is sometime after World Championships in November.

Go Fencing!