It’s Go Time! USA Fencers Head to Asia for competitions in Shanghai and Bangkok


14 hour flight to Beijing, 3 hour layover, 6 hour flight to Bangkok, overnight stay at airport hotel, 3 hour bus ride to Pattaya….all for about 10-15 minutes of actual business.   Some kind of crazy travel torture? Well, yes, but it’s also the resuming of the international fencing schedule as tournaments kick off in Asia this weekend! 

 So, you want to be an Olympic fencer, ehhh?

USA Fencing National team members are departing for competitions in China and Thailand today.  Men’s and women’s foil will be competing in Shanghai, China in a world cup for the women and a Grand Prix event for the men.     2/3 of the men’s saber team, Ben Igoe and Tim Morehouse, along  with Mike Etropolski and a number of other USA fencers are heading to Pattaya, Thailand for a world cup.  Daryl Homer will remain in NYC to rest after a busy 3 months competing in Junior world cups, college tournaments and senior world cups.You can follow the men’s saber team right here and on my twitter: and I’ll try my best to update men and women’s foil via Ambika Singh’s bbms to me!Women’s foil heads from China to Korea following their competition and the men’s saber fencers will head home to prepare for the Spain and Italy World cups 2.5 weeks later.  Go Team USA!