Thailand Fencing World Cup Kicks Off Tomorrow…

We spent the day checking out Pattaya and trying to stay awake so we’d get on a “normal” sleeping schedule.   It’s 13 hours ahead here from East Coast Time.   The competition starts tomorrow with the pools.   There are only about 40 fencers so only a few folks from our team are fencing.  Ben Igoe and I both have byes.
There are 3 Hungarians, 3 Polish, a couple of British fencers, Yakimenko, Japan is here and a few others making up the higher ranked fencers.    The competition is still very important for who will qualify for the final team spot now that James Williams has stopped fencing.   Mike Etropolski and Luther Clement both are in the running now.  Jason Rogers and Sean Buckley are also close to the 5th ranking (which would become 4 with James official retirement) but not competing here.
Ben and I still haven’t gotten our fencing bags and haven’t gotten an update yet.  Hoping they arrive before we have to fence on Sunday!
On another note, was cool to see billboards around town advertising the tournament and a lot of the newspapers had write-ups.  Go Thailand Fencing Federation! Way to promote!

Team USA Safe and Sound in Pattaya, Thailand for World Cup

We’re safe and sound in Pattaya!   Ben and I had a little excitement this morning when we tried to head back to the airport in Bangkok to meet up with Dmitry and our ride….

They suddenly closed all the roads because the King of Thailand was coming to our hotel!   When we finally got the airport and met Dmitry our ride was nowhere to be found so we ended up taking a cab to our hotel in Pattaya.
Competition starts tomorrow.  Should be fairly weak, but we’re not sure yet how many countries are actually here. 
PS Coach Dmitry Guy (Pictured above next to Ben in our cab) said he’s a fan of the blog and wanted me to write for him, “HELLO TO EVERYONE!”